Spitfire Blow Dart Gun

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Quick Overview

It's action and adventure that will take your breath away. Barnett's Spitfire Blowguns enable you to accurately launch suction-cup darts with just a puff of air. Each are fitted with one-way mouthpieces to prevent darts from being inhaled.


  • ■ Unit features 2 blowguns
  • ■ 8 suction-cup darts
  • ■ Bright multi-color target.

Additional Information

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Features Barnett’s Spitfire Blowgun is the hottest new toy since we introduced the Bandit! It features two blowguns and one-way mouthpiece which prevents darts from being inhaled. Includes eight suction-cup darts and a bright multi-color target. Additional darts available, sold separately.
Product Specs No
Comes With
  • ■ Eight suction-cup darts
  • ■ Multi-color target
Color / Camo Pattern No