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Why Crossbows? A Retort to the Gun Guys
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Why Crossbows? A Retort to the Gun Guys

March 21, 2017| 5 min read| 0 COMMENTS| Hunting Stories

There’s an unspoken rivalry between some crossbow hunters and firearm hunters. To those members of the “I-only-hunt-with-guns” community, we’d like to extend an olive branch. We respect your ways and hope you respect ours. But while we’re on the topic, a few words about why crossbows are so great and why you should give them a try …

Hunt longer. Admit it: You feel a tinge of jealousy when your crossbow buddies get to head out to the field for opening day before you do. You could be one of those people to get first rights to turkey, deer and so many other seasons that have special times reserved exclusively for archery hunting. We don’t mean to brag, but it’s pretty great.

Be silent. There’s no denying that a bolt shot from a crossbow is vastly quieter than a bullet leaving a firearm. And there’s no denying that for a successful hunt, silence is key. This one is a no-brainer.

Feel your heritage. No matter your background, you have ancestors who hunted. And chances are, they hunted with a bow. There’s a different feeling of power that comes from taking an animal with an arrow; it makes you feel as if your ancestors would be proud.

Find similarities. For hunters used to the feeling of a stock nestled into their shoulder, a mounted optic for accuracy and the feel of a trigger on their index finger… the crossbow is a great introductory tool to break into archery hunting seasons. There are differences, to be sure, but there are also plenty of similarities to make you feel comfortable and capable.

Have fun. The same rush you felt the first time you shot a gun, you’ll feel when you shoot a crossbow for the first time. You know you want to try it, so get out there and make it happen. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

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