Barnett Crossbows

To the hunters daring enough to step out and pursue game by crossbow — adventure will come. Silent, precise and lethal, the crossbow will change your hunting experience in the same way it changed the course of history centuries ago. It will test your skills by shortening the distance to the game you hunt, and lengthening the season in which you hunt it. All while providing an adrenaline rush that can’t be found anywhere else.

New 2016 Products

The original
crossbow pioneers

Barnett, the original pioneer of the modern-day crossbow, has been continually innovating this weapon for nearly 60 years. Our journey spans multiple generations and has taken us to three continents in the quest to deliver thrilling hunting experiences. With models tailored for virtually every size, skill level and style of hunter, we offer a crossbow that will deliver personalized performance and incomparable results.


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